To Etsy, Thanks for Everything, Samalamadingdong: Wedding Edition

Oh Etsy! I was late to the party on this one. While I always knew of the website I never truly understood what it had to offer until I was looking for custom onesies for a friend’s baby shower. It was then than I started looking in the wedding section, and I was not disappointed.... Continue Reading →



While I'm working on some blog posts here is me on the Facebook watch portion of TLC's Hayley Ever After, called #JustGotPaiged. I was lucky enough to get to meet Hayley when I picked my dress, but getting the chance to express my gratitude to her was even better! Link below: #justgotpaiged Samantha

My chemical… peel

Sorry ding dongs, it’s been a week or two to get some post done. I’ve been busy with wedding stuff. I advise anyone engaged to elope!That being said I have a ton of new things to talk about. Not just products but beauty treatments as well. Let’s start off with on I did back in... Continue Reading →


Today’s installment is an oldie that has survived many generations. I can smell them now, Oxy clean astringent pads were the axe body spray of my youth; promising teens clear skin with just a couple of swipes. Purchasing this for the first time really made me feel like a teenager; in my mind, first came... Continue Reading →

The Art of Self Tanning

Hi, I am Samalamadingdong and I am a recovering tan-aholic. I loved tanning, as did many of my peers in the early 2000’s (just look back at some prom pictures and you’ll see what I mean.) The warmth of the tanning bed, cooking my insides and slowly giving me melanoma, kept calling me back at... Continue Reading →


Anyone else remember Benefit, Show offs? This was the first makeup product that got me a compliment. I generally wore this beautiful pigmented powder on my eyes but I think if this still existed people would use this as a highlighter.  I can't remember the exsact year I first bought this, but I want to... Continue Reading →

Splurge Alert: Tarte; quench lip rescue

A sheer lip is my favorite; that's is why I have fallen in love with Tarte's quench lip rescue; $19. I first bought clear and instantly enjoyed the shine, hydration and the adorable packaging didn't hurt.  Then I saw nude at Sephora and it's sheer pink tone is absolutely beautiful. I know you can get cheaper lip... Continue Reading →

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