Samalama vs. Makeup Meltdown: Round 1 – Prep and Prime

****I am going to preface this with the fact that I had to break this post up in “rounds” because I did so much research on this topic. (I say research but you may call it shopping, YouTube-ing and Pinetrest-ing.) So be on the lookout for Round 2.**** Makeup meltdown is when the oils from... Continue Reading →


Wedding shoes have arrived!

My obsession with sparkly shoes began in 1991, when I watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time. Dorothy’s shoes were not only beautiful but they had power. This passion for sparkle has carried thru my adulthood. I once bought a pair of Jessica Simpson, gold glitter stilettos that felt like they were 8... Continue Reading →

Million Dollar Idea

Remember Polly Pocket, the old 80’s/90’s toy that basically summed up millennials childhoods? I was obsessed with these things! Now-a-days, Polly is the size of a lipstick but back then she was a massive choking hazard coming in at less than an inch tall. (See below for some of my favorites; pictures found on google.)... Continue Reading →

Pearly Girl

During my recent splurge at Sephora I decided to try out the new Pearly Girl Whitening pen from Tarte, $22. I am always hesitant when it comes to whitening products bc my teeth are sensitive and unless I get the stripes made for sensitive teeth, its cringe city. Anyways, the lovely girl at the Sephora... Continue Reading →


Before urban decay created their ‘Naked’ palettes, eyeshadows came in mostly singles, duos or trios. Now being that in the early 2000’s my only source of income was an allowance, most of my eyeshadows were from CVS rather than Sephora. But when I did go to Sephora, there was one quad that my little heart... Continue Reading →

Shrine of the silver monkey

Oh how I loved Legends of the Hidden Temple! Everytime a guy popped out from the temple I would jump! I would also start screaming at the TV like my dad when the Jets are playing, when kids couldn't get that stupid monkey together. Hence This shirt from Why was it so hard!?


I decided to start a blog series dedicated solely to makeup trends and beauty products from back in the day. Some were staples, some were fads. First up: Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty - FAD Back before she had a major fashion company, and Newlyweds was on constant loop on MTV; Jessica Simpon came out with... Continue Reading →

Lush: Love It’s & Leave It’s

I discovered Lush about 2 years ago, when I finally had a proper tub and fell in love with baths. In the beginning, I primarily purchased bath bombs but over time I started trying out some of their other handmade items once I found out how awesome a company Lush is; ethically and quality-wise. Here are my... Continue Reading →

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