Today’s installment is an oldie that has survived many generations. I can smell them now, Oxy clean astringent pads were the axe body spray of my youth; promising teens clear skin with just a couple of swipes. Purchasing this for the first time really made me feel like a teenager; in my mind, first came acne then bras, and eventually a car. (I liked to think ahead.) Anyways, the pads smelt chemically and made your face tingle; after a few passes you could see the grime and dirt on the pad which really had you believe these were working hard! They worked for sure, as they have 2% salicylic acid, but I wouldn’t say they are the cure to all hormonal acne. As a teen I would get them from CVS but after googling it looks like you can get the 20017 version at Target for around $5-$6.


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