My chemical… peel

Sorry ding dongs, it’s been a week or two to get some post done. I’ve been busy with wedding stuff. I advise anyone engaged to elope!That being said I have a ton of new things to talk about. Not just products but beauty treatments as well.

Let’s start off with on I did back in March. As I’ve discussed before, once I got engaged, the first thing I did was get myself a proper dermatologist. So far this was the best and easiest decision. She put me on an antibiotic, coupled with a sulfur face wash and a night topical foam. My skin has never looked as great as it has in the past months.

In February, my dermatologist suggested a chemical peel to remove some of my acne scars. The moment I heard chemical peel I was reluctant but she said it would be covered by my insurance so I said what the heck. She’s been right so far.

The doctor didn’t give me too much information on what was going to happen but tell me to stop using my topical foam one week before. So I did some of my own research. First thing I did when I got home was watch every chemical peel video that exists on YouTube. Caution: not for the easily squeamish. Concerned that my face would have me looking like a gargoyle, I arranged to work from home for 2 days. If my face was going to peel like a snake, no one was going to see me.

Next, I confirmed with my health insurance provider that this procedure was covered as promised, I wasn’t going to pay to burn off a layer of my skin. Once that was confirmed, I picked up my prescription for Desonate; a cream to use immediately after the procedure, the 3x a day post. I was to bring this will me to my appointment.

I went to my appointment all ready to go and confident that I had done my research. I was ready to peel. I removed all my makeup and washed with a light soap (dove, sensitive skin facial soap.) Once I was in the exam room, the doctor came in an explained what was going to happen; I was to close my eyes and she was going to wipe 25% glycolic acid on my face. I was to give her a pain number. “Don’t be brave,” she said. Honestly, this really didn’t hurt on the first pass, but the doctor kept asking so I just gave a number to be safe. She then did a second pass, this one hurt a tad more but nothing terrible probably a 5 out of 10. I than sat for a few minutes with the solution on my face. The longer it sat the more uncomfortable it was but, again, bearable.

She then had me wash my face, and put on a layer of Desonate and I was done. That was it. I was a tad red, a little puffy, but my face felt fine. Driving home I could still smell the acid in my nose.

3x’s a day I put that cream on, every time expecting my face to be falling off. The second day I was red, but by no means was my skin in disarray. My acne spots faded a tad and never once did I look like any of the people from the Youtube videos. I think this is partly because my skin is pretty tough, had it been someone with more porcelain skin I would bet there would be some peeling.

Would I recommend this? Yes, only if you go to a trained and trusted physician. I know people get this done at spas, but that’s when you hear the horror stories. My doctor wasn’t going to do anything that was going to ruin my skin. That’s not to say all doctors are safe, but do your research before. My only complaint is I think I am going to have to do this a few more times to see marked results on my acne scars, but overall this was a great experience.



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