Wedding shoes have arrived!

My obsession with sparkly shoes began in 1991, when I watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time. Dorothy’s shoes were not only beautiful but they had power. This passion for sparkle has carried thru my adulthood. I once bought a pair of Jessica Simpson, gold glitter stilettos that felt like they were 8 inches tall but were probably 3. I wore those shoes maybe twice; once on New Year’s Eve and the other on my 25th birthday at a gay bar where I received many compliments on them (thank you very much.) So of course, one would assume I would be wearing glittery shoes on my wedding day…. I did too.

When the time came to decide on a shoe I decided to think practical.  Obviously, the shoe needed to go with my dress but I also wanted to be comfortable. If you ever saw me walking in heels you would understand. Just imagine a baby deer on the first day it was born, but also drunk. I can’t seem to master the art. By no means do I want to trip walking down the aisle, so flats we’re a must. 

I didn’t want just any old flat shoe though. This is my wedding day! The shoes need to be spectacular. I searched so many websites to find my “glass slipper” until I decided to check out Etsy and came upon these beautiful handmade, leather ballet slippers from The White Ribbon.

Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but the shop owner, Dori, was so lovely. She was quick to respond and even created a custom order for me when the color I wanted wasn’t in my size. I ordered them on March 1st and received them on March 30th. This was an impressive turnaround time since the shop is based out of Berlin, Germany and they’re handmade! Who needs sparkle when you have these elegant little babes.

 wedding shoes

I am so in love with them, and they will go perfectly with my dress.

 wedding shoes2
They even came with straps to replace the ribbon if you want.


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