Stila Magnificent Metals: review and look

Yes, they have arrived, Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow, $24 dollars each. I know a lot of people have been talking about these for a bit, but I finally got my package with more to try the other day. I bought one of these like a month ago, just to see, because… sparkles; but I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out or how I was going to use it. Once I saw the pigmentation and glitter/color payoff I had to buy more (still not even sure how I would use them.) I purchased Bronzed Bell, Smoky Storm, Ballet Baby, Gold Retro, Kitten Karma and Smoldering Satin. I bought most of these from Ulta, but I was also able to get my hands on two of the duo chrome shades from the Stila website: Sea Siren and Sunset Cove, which I like to call the “mermaid” colors.


From top to bottom: smoky storm, sea siren, sunset cove, ballet baby, kitten karma, bronzed bell, rose gold retro, smoldering satin.

After watching some YouTube tutorials for inspiration; I created the look below:


  • First, I primed my eyes then placed some pink/red/cream transition shades into the crease; going from light to dark.
  • Then I buffed a darker shade into the corner.
  • Next, I went in with Kitten Karma all over my lid.
  • I waited about 2 mins to let it dry before I went back in with the darkest shade and kind of darkened up the corner to soften up the hard line from the glitter.

I kind of wish I had a glitter eyeliner to put on the lower lid. (Note to self: get the Tarte Pro Glitter Liner, $24, in Rose Gold, I think this would be perfect for this look.)

Overall review: These colors glide on to the skin so well and aren’t difficult to apply. They’re very wet so allow for drying time in between coats. The darker shades only require one coat but the lighter shades are a bit patchy. I applied a second coat to the light colors; sea siren and ballet baby looked better but not so much for sunset cove, see below. This is a little disappointing because I was really excited for those.

What I expected. Sunset Cove


I will say there is some glitter fall out when I used kitten karma on eyes; but I think if use glitter glue that problem can be solved.

Some glitter fall out.
Throughout the day, it did not budge – great lasting power. One odd con, it smells a bit funny, ha-ha. Not terrible but just odd. Like what I would imagine the tail end of a dying fish would smell like; get it, fish- mermaid, tail? (Ya i didnt laugh either.) So not that bad…I can’t really explain smells very well. Totally glad I made this purchase but next time I would only get the darker colors and one of the mermaids.

I’ll add more looks using these as I create them. 🙂



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