Million Dollar Idea

Remember Polly Pocket, the old 80’s/90’s toy that basically summed up millennials childhoods? I was obsessed with these things! Now-a-days, Polly is the size of a lipstick but back then she was a massive choking hazard coming in at less than an inch tall. (See below for some of my favorites; pictures found on google.)

What is my idea you ask? Where am I going with this? … I need to have a makeup company like Tarte or Too Faced team up with vintage Polly Pocket to come out with a makeup line. This would tickle my little nostalgic heart! Think of the possibilities! Blushes, highlighters, lipsticks, PALETTES!!! PS – if they use this idea I want free products! Just saying!

PPS – anyone interested in purchasing some vintage Polly Pocket, I recently started following two Instagram accounts: Pollypocketworld and pollypocketaddict. They’re great for even some daily nostalgia in your Insta feed; check them out.


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