Pearly Girl

During my recent splurge at Sephora I decided to try out the new Pearly Girl Whitening pen from Tarte, $22. I am always hesitant when it comes to whitening products bc my teeth are sensitive and unless I get the stripes made for sensitive teeth, its cringe city. Anyways, the lovely girl at the Sephora told me that the brand rep stated that it wouldn’t have that effect because it’s made with vegan products. Vegan, remember, does not mean chemical free. The ingredients in it include hydrogen peroxide, a whitening agent that, at times, would cause the deadly tingle and I believe can wear away enamel. (I am not a dentist so … insert declaimer here.) The instructions say to use 4x a day which is worrisome for someone with enamel that’s already not so sturdy. Yet, In the end, I decided to take a chance on this product since I absolutely love Tarte and I was already planning on getting whitening stripes before my wedding in August anyways. 

My thoughts so far:

First application: teeth feel kind of cool. Cold “cool,” not trendy “cool.” No tingle, but I didn’t see an instant whitening result as it stated on the packaging.

Second application: noticed it tastes good, didn’t put on a ton. No tingle.

Would I buy again?: I want to give it more time until I say for sure, but I’m leaning towards probably not. It’s essentially just hydrogen peroxide, which Is in most toothpastes; but definitely no tingle like I normally get with peroxide. With more time I think I’ll see a gradual change. I Love the idea and love Tarte.


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