Lush: Love It’s & Leave It’s

I discovered Lush about 2 years ago, when I finally had a proper tub and fell in love with baths. In the beginning, I primarily purchased bath bombs but over time I started trying out some of their other handmade items once I found out how awesome a company Lush is; ethically and quality-wise. Here are my lists of loves and leaves.


  1. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – Starting with my absolute favorite product, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is like an in-shower lotion. I personally hate touching lotion so this cream conditions my skin without that lotion feeling. It smells great too!


  1. Vanishing Facial Cream – I wouldn’t say that this is the best smell ever, but I do enjoy it. The smell makes my face feel clean and moisturized. This moisturizer has witch hazel in it which is great for oily and acne prone skin.


  1. Tea Tree Water – Tea tree oil is also great for acne. I traded in my Neutrogena toner for this natural toner and have not regretted it. I saw a difference in my skin after 2 weeks of using it. I just spray after the shower and move on; which also saves on the cotton balls. I love it so much I got the 8.4 oz bottle.

 toner tab.jpg

  1. Tea Tree Toner Tabs – Like the benefits of the previous Tea Tree Water, these one-time use tabs are like an at home spa treatment for your pores. Once a week I boil a pot of water, grab a towel and take in the glorious steam. I immediately follow up with a face mask…
  1. Mask of Magnaminty – I like many a face masks and this is on that list. Made for acne prone skin; the mint in this mask leaves a cool, clean and refreshing feeling while the beans exfoliate the skin. This comes in a self-preserving form to avoid going bad.


  1. Dark Angels – This cleanser was released during the charcoal phase of 2016-2017. Despite the fad of it all, I really like this product. It’s supposed to brighten oily skin, but I think I really like it because it smells almost like fruity pebbles to me.


  1. Ocean Salt – I know I said the Body Conditioner was my number one, but I forgot about this product. This is a must-have, always. Not only does it remind me of summer all year round, but it exfoliates and makes my skin feel as good as it does after coming out of the water at the beach. My mom always used to tell me that salt water is god’s cleanser; there is nothing it can’t cure. As I discovered with hangovers; she was unquestionably right. This scrub is like a hangover remedy for your skin. I use this as part of my self tanning routine and for daily use on my face to treat my acne. This comes in a self-preserving form to avoid going bad.


  1. Marylin – I have unnaturally blonde hair. This hair mask is made specifically for that and looks like it too. It can be a bit heavy so I only use it once every 2 weeks in my hair mask rotation. I leave it on overnight and because it’s not oily it doesn’t make a mess of my pillows.



  1. Magical Morninga – This face ‘moisturizer’ is far from that, it’s more of a pomade that left a film on my face that I didn’t like. The smell is pleasant though.


  1. Volcano Foot Mask – This is a good product. And probably if you have some gnarly feet it is worth the effort to do. I don’t have bad feet and it certainly was a nice feeling but I just found it to be a cumbersome process.


  1. Mr. Sandman Dusting Powder– You were supposed to put this lavender infused powder on your person before bed to aide sleep. It had a pretty shimmer to it and smelt okay, but it didn’t do anything for my REM cycle. I just didn’t see the purpose and apparently I wasn’t the only one; it’s no longer on the website.


  1. Snow Fairy Body Conditioner – Since I love Ro’s Argan I thought this was a  done deal. Instead, snow fairy was an unpleasant smell and I was more than happy to be done with this and go back to the tried and true version. This particular product was a 2016 holiday item and I believe the ‘Snow Fairy’ line is only available in the winter.
  1. Massage bars – I bought one of these and only used it a few times. I found it very oily and just not necessary. Probably 4-5 months later I went to use it again and the tin with the bar inside was filled with mold. After that, I was turned off to this product.


  1. American cream – I just don’t like the smell, otherwise there is nothing wrong with this hair conditioner.


  1. Lip Balms/Scrubs – Another case of the smell that killed my nose. I was desperately searching for an all-natural lip scrub and went home with nothing after smelling these in the store. Just rub some sugar on your lips, you’re better off.



To buy or try the LOVES and LEAVES, visit LUSH’s USA website here: Lush USA


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