Foundations: like a needle in a haystack

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to the store, blindly bought a new foundation only to get home and hate it. I give it 3 tries until it gets sent to “the drawer where makeup goes to die.” In hopes of helping others avoid this pandemic, I have listed my top 5 favorite foundations. I apologize now that these are mostly high end products. I just haven’t tried too many drug store foundations lately.


5. Maybelline; Super Stay 24-hour Foundation – Drug Store – $Unknown Sadly, Maybelline no longer makes this foundation and has replaced it with Super Stay Better Skin. I have yet to try this new formula, but the original lived up to its name and would get me thru a long day at work. As far as drug store foundations, this is the only one I will wear out (so far.)


4. Make Up Forever; Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Foundation – High End – $43 This foundation I only use on special occasions. It looks great in photos but is also very expensive, so I try not to use it every day. I wore this for my engagement pictures and when they took close-ups, I looked flawless! This is defiantly the most lightweight full coverage foundation I have tried.There are so many colors to choose from so do get matched! I recently bought their water blend foundation, but the jury is still out on that.


3. Urban Decay; Naked One and Done – High End – $34 I wore this foundation when we went Disney World in August and it was 3 trillion degrees. This very light foundation, almost even a BB cream, looked flawless after a full day in the parks. Everyone joked that I never sweat because by no means did my face show it. Only downfall to this item is the color range is limited. I wear the color light and had no issues.


2. Kat Von D Lock-IT Foundation – High End – $35 if you are looking for a full coverage foundation; this is it! To the same point, if you do not like full coverage foundations, you will hate this. I wear color Light 45; and was matched up at Sephora. For this product and price I think it is 100% necessary that you go to the store and get matched. When I was looking online and even in store the pictures don’t match in color. Yes, it is expensive but you do not need much product. Two tiny squirts and my whole face was complete. (I had to choose my words carefully there lol.)


1.Tarte; Rainforest of the Sea, Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF – High End – $39 this is GOD. The formula is beautiful and gives a pretty full coverage effect without feeling caked. I wear color fair-light neutral. It is hypoallergenic and has SPF 15, which to be honest I didn’t even know until looking up the correct name. lol Sometimes, when products have SPF in it you can tell, this one… not a clue. My only dislike is the dropper applicator, I felt like at the end (YES I actually finished this product, twice!) I wasn’t getting the entire product left at the bottom. Tarte recently expanded the color line up and promotes that this product doesn’t have free radicals… yadda, yadda… a bunch of good stuff…. blah blah. To see all that Tarte says this amazing foundation can do; visit the link here –> click here to go to their site. The Rainforest of the Sea concealer is great too!

Honorable mention goes to Too Faced; Born This Way Foundation.


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