Eyebrows: Sisters, not twins

When I was in high school, it was for some reason, a trend to essentially have no eyebrows. This is going well far back to the days when N’sync topped the CD charts, Britney was not a “bitch” and my cell phone brand of choice was Nokia. Girls looked like they basically shaved off caterpillars from their face and painted on worms. I never understood how this started. Did one cool girl over pluck one day and make it “hip” or was everyone’s eyesight going bad from the new electronics? Luckily for me, my mother always embraced my abundant eyebrows, often comparing them to Brooke Shields’; so I never felt the need to over pluck. Don’t get me wrong, I groomed lol, but I groomed my eyebrows to my natural shape. I never tried to make them something they weren’t. Still, there were so many times and so many reasons in my crazy, and awkward teen years I felt insecure for not being like everyone else but especially for my eyebrows. Why were mine so big and dark?… so very dark!

As an adult sitting with women who were once  the teens of early 2000’s, most, if not all, regret participating in this eyebrow movement that is forever drawn onto their yearbook pictures for generations to come. For some, they never grew back. As I look back, I thank my lucky stars for my ‘bushy brows’ which, for this week, are considered trendy…thank you Cara Delevingne. It’s even one of the things my fiancé loves about my face; especially because he has such light ones that almost seem non-existent. (An example of  loving our differences.)

As I started to hit the age when my eyebrows became more connected to each other than I was comfortable with, my mom sat me down and showed me how to properly tweeze. She demonstrated how to find the natural shape of my eye and only pluck below and in-between those lines; never above! She also taught me that my eyebrows are sisters, not twins. What she meant was this: there’s no such thing as perfection. One could really go overboard with plucking if they keep trying for those perfectly symmetric brows. Instead you end up with very far apart tadpoles on your face. A lesson I think applies to many areas in life.

Today we have full on beauty campaigns dedicated to eyebrows (Benefit Brows), and products that help us embrace what we’ve got; bushy or sparse, long or short, connected or far apart. (I’ll put some of my favorites below.) If only my 16-year-old self could see this now, maybe at least one of my many insecurities in the teen years would instead have been something I embraced. Now as an adult, I do much more eyebrow grooming than I did years before because I’m old and as you have either seen or will see in your experiences, facial hair becomes a very different thing in your late 20’s early 30’s. I never had my eyebrows waxed until my early twenties and I still haven’t tried threading, but it is on my list. I also know much more about ‘the Kardashian sisters’ as I call my eyebrows these days, and how they look best.

What I am trying to say in probably a much longer way than needed is, trends come and go… and then come back again. It is important that we all support each other in accepting what our mommas gave us. What seems like a travesty as a teen will almost always be peanuts as an adult; so, don’t feel like you must change yourself to be what’s cool. That goes for so many things in life than just eyebrows!  Maybe you don’t have the best eyebrows, but I bet there is something else about you that makes you beautiful. Find that thing and make it yours. That’s not to say, if you turn 21 and decide that after many years of thinking about it, you want to make a change you shouldn’t; but do it for you!

 That concludes my yearly PSA; below I have listed some of my current favorite eyebrow products for my more voluptuous set of above the eye hair:

  1. Benefit, gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel; $24 – Having a pretty full set of brows, I don’t feel the need to fill mine in. But something I do have to do is keep them from flying all over the place. This gel not only keeps my brows in place but also gives them a bit more luster. The color range is limited with only 3 shades.
  2. Urban Decay, Brow Tamer; $20 – If you looking for something similar to the Benefit gel above, but more flexible and with more color options… this is great! I tend to use this more than the other, for no other reason than I feel like it’s just faster to apply and doesn’t make my eyebrows feel harder than they already are.
  3. Real Techniques, Brow Set; $10 – The tweezers in this set are perfection! The detailing tweezers get every stubborn little hair that sprouts up. And for the price, even if you only use those two tools, you made out good on the deal. Buy it here.

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